Photographers and Models are welcome to submit images from shoots featuring Calvin Klein attire. Please email 2 or 3 images to for consideration

Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions from models and photographers. Images must feature model(s) wearing Calvin Klein Fashion or Accessories.

You must own the rights to publish the photos you are submitting, usually this means a model release or photographers approval.

Once you’ve submitted photos via email we will determine if we’d like to see the entire set of images in full resolution. We will setup a dropbox or Adobe Creative Cloud folder for you to upload


Can I still post photos on facebook or social media as well?

Yes you can, CKSessions is a not exclusive.


If I have great photos from 5 years ago, can i submit them?



Can I share my CKSessions Published Photos on Social Media?



Is there a limit to how much I can submit?

No, you may submit as many sessions as you like.


I am not good at photoshop retouch, can I send you untouched photos?

Yes, but image quality is a main factor in the decision process to publish



  • By submitting photographs to CK Sessions Magazine you are granting full publication rights of these photos for Online and Printed Distribution.
    The Photos are non-exclusive to CK Sessions Magazine so they can still be used by the models and photographers in other places.
    We retain the full rights to publish, edit, retouch and reproduce photos for CK Sessions Magazine and its publications.

  • It is normal for CK Sessions Magazine to retouch, color correct and even reshape photos for publication purposes. Especially covers & key promotional items.

  • Once photos have been submitted to CK Sessions Magazine, approved and deployed in the magazine,
    If requested to remove images from a deployed magazine, we reserve the right to decline this request. On the basis of full publication rights as listed above.

  • We are under no obligation to publish specific photos or photo sets, this is purely at the editors discretion.